Is a busy lifestyle leading you to an unhealthy diet? Your time is valuable so let me help!  As a natural chef I create healthy, balanced meals that prove a plant based diet is not just nutritious but delicious as well.  Enjoy the foods you love without cholesterol, fat and refined sugar.  All of my menu options are made with the finest organic ingredients.  I specialize in vegetarian cuisine and accomodate special diets, preferences and health concerns.  
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Ever since I can remember my favorite place to be was in the kitchen.  Whether creating a recipe with a family member or following recipes in cookbooks I never got tired of cooking.  As an adult I am intrigued by the idea that food is our best medicine.  My belief in the benefits of a plant based whole foods diet and my desire to live with an awareness of the environment and the animals living in it led me to a career as a natural chef.

As a graduate of the Natural Kitchen Cooking School I learned the hands on training and techniques to prepare meals that can help others live a full and balanced life.  I look forward to sharing my passion for whole foods with you!

Christine Freda
Certified Natural Chef
Serving New Jersey & New York